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I had a great holiday and here we go into 2023.

I'm back full force to my true love : music.

Been working on getting a song into Eurovision with my publishers,

Talking to a new label, working the B.C.

Big thanks for all your support. I am grateful for you.

I am being more pro active now so I have created a new

fantastix Portal  : one on one Google Meets, monthly "video magazine" updates, latest music, cassette tapes, stems and so much more...





Hello my friends! I hope this little note finds you very well!!

     The Holiday Season is upon us, and no I’m not talking about going “on holiday”, I’m an American after all. I’m talking about CHRISTMAS! It’ll be here before you know it. 

     There’s a lot to celebrate and we have been celebrating the 30th anniversary of our Shakespear’s Sister sophomore album “Hormonally Yours”. I hope you’ve been enjoying the clips that my husband, Lance Aston filmed all those years ago while we were working and he was being the proverbial fly on the wall capturing some amazing one of a kind moments. Also, I hope you’ve been enjoying the anniversary release which included lots of goodies. There are more clips to come so please keep a look out on all my socials including Facebook. If you haven’t had a chance to order your copies yet, pls click on the following link to see what’s still available:

    We are also celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the release of my album GOLD! And as a special treat we have made the original demo' s for my GOLD album available for you to listen to and purchase on my website,! I know lots of you enjoy hearing the original versions so you can hear how they evolved into the finished product. It’s kind of like a painting, ie, it’s never really finished but you have to just stop sometimes. 

    There are more treats to come as well such as more one on one’s with me, songwriter master classes [coming in January], as well as live streams and songs that have never been heard before which you can actually own-yes, I said OWN as in owning the original “master recording”. Also, if you’re in the US, don’t forget if you order a handwritten lyric sheet from me of any song I’ve written we can get it to you before Christmas if you order it by next week. Makes a good Christmas present :-). 


Please STAY on the lookout as these special tidbits are announced. And speaking of “Stay”, I hope you enjoyed the never heard before (and NEVER released) version of the song that I worked on with Dave Stewart when we were still in the writing process. It’s got a different lyric and melody in the verses and Dave and I had a lot of fun singing and playing live to it. It’s now on the site. And, I found some other interesting versions of songs that have never been heard before or released, so please stay tuned to the site and my socials for announcements about all things of that nature.


And lastly: I’ll be back on Cameo starting next week! I can do Christmas shout outs, birthday wishes, congrats, get well wishes, et all to your loved ones. I won’t be doing whole songs anymore, sorry! It was fun but was very time consuming learning new songs with only a few days to learn them.


Thank you very much and a very Happy Hanukah and Merry Christmas to you and best wishes for whatever you may celebrate. 


Wishing you peace love and lots of good music;


Marcy xoxo 

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